Transformational coaching

Do you feel a desire for change, but you can’t get started? Coaching could make a big difference in your life. Every successful person has a team behind them that led them to victory – the coach has the same purpose in achieving his client’s goals; helping him and pushing him forward, while encouraging the development of an individual’s already existing strengths rather than focusing on weaknesses. With the help of a mind coach you will achieve a lot, but will it be in the form of already-made solutions? No. On the road to progress, the coach is here to guide you, encourage you to learn, and make an impact in the long run – there are no instant solutions in the world of coaching.

Through years of working in this field, I have developed my own approach that can be described as transformational coaching – the main idea of this approach is that the idea alone is not enough to bring about change. Of course, without the initial desire you won’t get anywhere, but in my methods, I call for action and active operation. You will not change your life for the better in a passive way. On the other hand, a good state of mind drives the whole process. Once you are mentally ready for change, the limit is invisible. 

Many live their lives lost in negative thoughts, without self-confidence while going in a circle – with negativity and dissatisfaction they deny themselves the possibility of change.

That is why in coaching we deal with defining your strengths – working on them and focusing on your abilities will help you get rid of the vicious circle of bad thoughts. A good part of people are aware of what needs to be done and know what could help them, but they do not have the strength to start and they need help for this initial step. What hinders you comes from within – your insecurity and fear prevent you from progressing. Fear of failure, fear of change, fear of the unknown. While such fears can be paralyzing, transformationl coaching is the perfect method to overcome them and learn how to move on.

U akcijskom coachingu postoje 3 jednostavne, no neizostavne sastavnice:

  1. First of all – desire. The will to change, the desire for a different life, or the ambition to achieve something more. This is what drives the whole process and what brings you to us. If you are reading this text it means that you already have the first component needed on the road to success.


  2. Once you have started this journey, you need the motivation to continue it. This is exactly what is holding back many people – not everyone is willing to put time and effort into their goal, but if you really want to progress you will find the motivation in yourself to make the journey to the end. Start by believing in yourself and reflecting on your behavior.


3. The last and key step is action. Without action there is no change – it is not enough to just want something to happen, you need to get moving and take the necessary measures. In this step, you change the behavioral patterns you identified during the reflection – that’s the key to everything.

Before starting any cooperation, it is important to establish a common goal and the borders. The idea is for you to tell me what you want to change and for me to explain what you can expect and in what timeframe. Coaching is a method in which I, as an expert, and you, as a client, work together, so we must be in agreement. For this reason, the introductory meeting is always free of charge – so you can see for yourself whether you are ready for the journey to success and so that we can ensure the best possible cooperation.