Strength-based Team Building

Team building is an indispensable practice of maintaining a good business environment. Just as it is important to put together a good team, it also needs to be maintained. Although the first association to team building is group physical activity such as field trips, this practice is evolving and new types of team building have been devised that not only connect employees but work towards developing their strengths. Strength-based team building serves to improve productivity, performance and job satisfaction by dealing with each employee individually, but also the group as a whole. Only when team members recognize each other’s strengths and advantages will they understand how they can progress and reach their full potential.

What does developing your team’s natural talents through team building and getting to know each other strength-based looks like?

The practice of strength-based team building is based on the Gallup Clifton Strengths test. With the necessary knowledge, the results of these tests are interpreted to assess the leading talents and strengths of individuals into four categories: execution, influence, relationship building and strategic thinking. Over 8000 people take this test every day and each of these people has a unique combination of talents and strengths. This series makes us unique in our environment, as the matching of the five main strengths is less than 1 to 33 million. Although the number of 8000 is large in this context, generally a small number of people discover their main talents. The rest of the people spend their lives not understanding why their team isn’t working – without strength-based team building they don’t reveal what their individual strengths are and how to use them to maximize performance. This practice is more complex than individual coaching because it is necessary to coordinate all team members and their leading talents in order to form one superorganism. Although complex, it does not mean that it is not possible and will take your business to a new level.

Our approach to team building is different and unique to us, and our focus is on your „Why“.

Our strength-based team building serves to discover the strengths of each individual in the team because it is a team rather than a group of individuals and only by recognizing everyone’s talents and strengths can we align the entire machinery. The homogeneity of the group is shown in the performance, but also in the impression given by your organization – if everyone speaks the same language, your business story will be authentic and unique. To be able to have a good relationship with customers, you must first know your „Why“ as well as show confidence as well as the foundation for it. If the whole team believes in the collective „Why“, personal leadership will increase and the value of organization will be taken over, and faith in oneself will enable better connections wit clients and associates. 

With our strength-based team building you:

  • improve teamwork and performance,
  • increase cooperation, innovation and creativity,
  • improve communication and teamwork,
  • develop a company culture,
  • show gratitude to employees,
  • build bridges between departments,
  • realize the potential of leadership,
  • improve employee engagement and morale.

All of the above helps the members, the team as a whole, the team leader and ultimately the entire organization. By developing our leading strengths, we stimulate each other potential strengths and we can use them in flexibility, empathy and change of perspective, which is necessary in working on various projects. Strength-based team building is not a one-time experience because once a team leader is trained and instructed in developing their team’s talents, team building continues in the workplace.