Strength-based corporate trainings

Strength-based trainings are not meant only for individuals – your company consists of many employees and it is not enough that only the leader is aware of their talents. Training based on your strengths helps you and your employees discover what they are best at – what makes them competent for the job and what they can develop into even greater benefits. In general, corporate training refers to the training of employees through a system of activities and education through various learning programs.

Strength-based trainings are especially effective in this area and act as a catalyst for success – you encourage what your employees already have and allow them to develop their full potential.

With an approach based on your strengths, we address every aspect of building and developing a company, and only some of them are:

  • how to develop a proper mindset,
  • identifying any restrictive beliefs that may be holding you back, 
  • taking steps toward emotional endurance, 
  • encouraging open communication between your employees, teams and management,
  • creating a healthy organizational culture,
  • determining the effective steps needed to master your leadership skills. 

Before the operational training itself, we teach you how to achieve the right mindset, determine your values and encourage the right thought processes for success. A sense of personal fulfilment is the first step towards development and sustainable growth. This approach applies to all employees because they are the most valuable part of any company – companies without a good team will not be successful. Without investing in your team, you risk losing them or working at 50% of your potential. Most people who work for an employer who does not care about their welfare cite this as the main reason for quitting the job – employees are not just the machinery that drives the company. 

We often wonder why educate employees if they might leave the company anyway. Perhaps it is more important to ask what will happen if, despite the lack of education, employees stay in the company?

Education makes a big difference in the productivity and quality of an individual’s work – it’s very damaging for both the company and the individual to have employees you haven’t trained to work. Therefore, corporate trainings are mandatory for everyone to work at their 100%. It is a mistake to believe that corporate trainings are intended only for the younger generation – more precisely, the welfare of employees has been neglected in the past and only the younger generations receive a quality environment and education at work. In 2016, the Gallup consulting company, which specializes in company performance management, conducted a survey in 49,495 business units in all age groups in seven industries and 45 countries and measured up to 29% increased profitability, 7% higher customer engagement and 19% higher sales in companies that applied the employee development approach.

Who benefits from corporate training?

Simply put – everyone. Regardless of the size of the company or the type of industry; whether you are ambitious and planning to grow or have conservative values and want to keep your business up to date, a strength-based approach will benefit your business. Whether you want to improve the morale of your employees, increase productivity and quality of work or increase income, changing the principles of current work can take you to new areas and bring you positive results. Such results create space for further productive development of the entire organization. In addition, companies that have actively interested and committed employees record 41% lower absenteeism rates and 17% higher productivity, which is logical – coming to work is a positive thing for employees.

Why us?

All our trainers have many years of experience in employee training and will adapt the training to your unique situation. The knowledge you gain from such trainings is not only theoretical, but also immediately applicable. Regardless of the size of the company or team we work with, with our programs you will learn how to approach each individual and get the best out of them and encourage them to develop their strengths leading to taking some responsibility for the company’s success. Engaged employees are key in your success story.