Mental health

Many people even today do not pay too much attention to their mental health and consider it less important than physical. Some are aware of the state of their mental health, but ignore the problems and do nothing about it. Although at first glance the symptoms of poor mental health are less visible than the symptoms of physical illness, it is actually reflected in every aspect of our lives. It is not something you get completed and fixed by inheriting from your parents and it is very changeable – either in a positive or negative direction. For this reason, it is important to maintain it as well as physical health, if not more. The years when mental health was neglected are now behind us – today it is common knowledge that mental conditions can be impaired just as much as other aspects of an individual’s homeostasis. It is important to remember that no one’s condition is fixed and „finished work“ – ups and downs happen to everyone, as well as unexpected life situations that can completely distract us. If you consciously and regularly take care of your mental health, it will be easier for you to get out of situations that have slowed you down and you will find it easier to get back into your routine.

What is mental health?

This term refers to our emotional and cognitive state and social behavior. It is actually about an individual’s ability to withstand the usual stress, be productive, and contribute to their community. Many people think that the lack of classic mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and the like, automatically means good mental health, but that is wrong. Just because an individual doesn’t have a specific diagnosis, it doesn’t mean that he is in perfect mental health. You can have a number of different problems that hinder you without them together signifying a specific mental illness, but they have a very visible effect on your psyche. 

The good news is that mental problems do not have to be solved only when they occur, but there are practices to improve brain function – the co-called brain fitness which includes various exercises aimed at making you more alert and resistant to automatism. These are mostly intentional small changes in everyday life that drive you to creativity, and often serve to improve memory. It is never too early to start exercising the brain because mental health is not closely related to age. 

Of course, mental health is also affected by genetics (family history of mental illness) and the balance of hormones, and a number of other factors – after all, brain chemistry is an indispensable factor. Also, it is important to realize that our body and mind are part of a larger whole so we cannot say that we are completely healthy if the physical or mental part is not quite right. Likewise, mental health can very well affect the physical condition – the power of the mind is an amazing thing and it is unthinkable what all a person can unconsciously stimulate is its body – either positively or negatively. Uncontrolled stress also leaves big scars on mental and physical health and it is therefore important to learn to manage your feelings and deal with them in a healthy way.

Never bury your problems and ignore them until they escalate into something bigger.

You need to work on your mental health and exercise it just as you would exercise your muscles – it is good to remember that you’re not alone. Experts are here to help and guide you on the path to better mental health, but as with everything else, you need to take the first step. Let the knowledge that it will be easier over time guide you; once you get into the practices needed to maintain your mental health you will have a different view of the world. A healthy relationship with your feelings and stress control will enable you a higher quality of life and better relationships with other people. As a result, you will feel better because of successful social relationships and your health will improve a little bit. Increased productivity and contribution to the community will enable you to benefit from the community, and humans are social beings that don’t function without healthy social relationships. By taking care of your mental health, you change your lifestyle and open many new doors that you may not have dreamed of before. All in all, mental health is by no means something you should ignore, and maintaining it will take your quality of life to the next level.